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Q1: What is required for the MA internship application? When is the deadline for the application? When will the interview be? and when will I know the final result?

A1: You send in to the following addresses (a) a personal statement indicating the institution for which you would like to apply for internship, and the reason for your interest and (b) a transcript of the last institution of study: (Paul Law) (Richard Sheung)

We required the CGPA to be 3.4 (out of 4.3). But you can also apply if you miss a little bit, say, 3.3. We will consider other factors to make up the difference.

The deadline for the application is November 22, 2017. We will interview you by Dec 8, 2017. If we think that you are a suitable candidate for the internship, we will send your documents to the host institutions for further consideration. They may wish to interview you as well.

Q2: Can I apply for more than one internship?

A2: Yes. We will consider your application and will accommodate your wishes as much as possible. The final decision rests with the host institution.

Q3: If I take the internship in the summer, when will I get my official MA degree and when will my congregation be? What is the difference between me and students who do not take the summer internship?

A3: For students not taking the internship, their official graduation date of Sem B17-18 is 16 July 2018. They will receive award certificates around October and take part in the congregation in November. If you take the internship in the summer, your graduation date of Summer term 2018 is 2 October 2018 and you will receive your award certificate around November. You will take part in the congregation in November as well, the same time as students who do not take the summer internship.

Q4: What host institution provides accommodation?

A4: Unless specified otherwise, the host institution does not provide accommodation.

Q5: Can you give me more details about the internship at Microsoft Research (Asia)?

A5: The internship at Microsoft Research (Asia) is for at least three months. They will consider your application and interview you. They will let you know the exact details regarding time and place. The exact duration of the internship is a matter of negotiation between you and Microsoft. Before you enroll in LT5199, you need to let us know the exact date of the end of the internship that you agree with Microsoft. This is to ensure that we will receive from them in time the report about your performance as the intern.

Q6: Do I need a visa for the internship at PEN, Taipei?

A6: You should contact the following office regarding Taiwan visa:

Taipei Economic and Cultural Office
40/F, Tower One, Lippo Center
89 Queensway, HONG KONG
MTR Admiralty, Exit B
Phone: (852)2525-8642
Fax: (852)2529-1995

Q7: When will the MA certificate be issued to students with the summer internship and to those without an internship?

A7: The SGS confirmed to us that students with the internship will receive the MA certificate in October 2018 and those without in July 2018. The exact date may vary a little, but should be within the indicated months.

Q8: I have been offered an internship. How do I get three credits to fulfill the credit requirement for graduation?

A8: You need to enroll in LT5199 Professional Internship in order to receive the three credits from the course. The course will be open for enrollment in the summer term. The exact date is determined by ARRO.

Q9: How do the credits for LT5199 fulfill the requirement for graduation?

A9: LT5199 Professional Internship carries 3 credits. They count toward the satisfaction of the 30-credit requirement for the MALS degree. However, you must ensure that you have not more than 27 credits by the end of semester B 2017/2018, and enroll in LT5199 in the summer term 2018. If you have 30 credits by the end of Sem B 2017/2018, then you must graduate and cannot in addition enroll in LT5199.


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