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Q1: What is required for the internship application? When is the deadline for the application? Is an interview required? When will I know the final result?

A1: To apply for the internship, you need to apply online:

(Online application service is now open)

You will need to fill out the required fields in the application and upload a scanned copy of the transcript of your last place of study.

The deadline for the application is:
Sunday, December 15, 2019 at 23:59 (HKT).

You will know whether you have the offer for internship before mid January, 2020.

If you accept the internship, you will need to enroll in LT5199 Professional Internship offered in the summer term of 2020 (June 8 - July 25, 2020). The course carries three credits. They are counted in the 30-credit requirement for graduation. If you plan on taking the internship, you must ensure that you do not have more than 27 credits by the end of semester B 2019/2020. If you have 30 credits by the end of semester B 2019/2020, you cannot in addition enroll in LT5199.

Q2: What are the institutions offering internship?

A2: Please click here for the 2019-20 partner institutions. The host institution may require an interview, possibly via the internet.

Q3: Can I apply for more than one internship?

A3: Yes. If you are offered an internship at more than one institution, you will need to select one. The host institution may require you to notify them by a deadline set by them whether you accept the internship.

Q4: If I take the internship in the summer, when will I get my official MA degree and when will my congregation be? What is the difference between me and students who do not take the summer internship?

A4: For students not taking the internship, their official graduation date of Sem B 2019-20 is mid-July 2020. They will receive award certificates around October and take part in the congregation in November. If you take the internship in the summer, your graduation date of Summer term 2020 is October 2020 and you will receive your award certificate around November. You will take part in the congregation in November as well, the same time as students who do not take the summer internship.

Q5: What kind of work will I do at the host institution? Do I get paid for it? Do host institutions provide accommodation?

A5: Information regarding the job at the institution, pay, specific requirements for the interrnship and accommodation can be found here.

Q6: Do I need a visa for the internship in Taiwan?

A6: Depending on your nationality, you should contact the following office regarding Taiwan visa:

Taipei Economic and Cultural Office
40/F, Tower One, Lippo Center
89 Queensway, HONG KONG
MTR Admiralty, Exit B
Phone: (852)2525-8642
Fax: (852)2529-1995

Specific host institutions in Taiwan may have their own requirements. You should consult the descriptions of the internship at the individual institutions.


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